Saaremaa is a quiet retreat nestled in an Oak Forest to the South-East of Landaur. It is about 4 km off the Mussoorie bye-pass road leading to Tehri. Getting to Saaremaa by car can be an adventure as the connecting road is a all-weather unpaved trail. While a 4×4 can make it relatively easily, it is best to arrive during the day to get a feel of the trail. Otherwise it is an invigorating 2 km. walk from the last settlement at Dhobi Ghat. Revel in the whisper of the wind, the sound of raindrops on the roof or pindrop silence interspersed with the sound of insects, birds and wildlife.. .

The property is entirely dependent on rainwater for its needs and has an efficient water collection, filtering and storage system. A solar water heating system and a solar lighting backup facility complete the comforts. Electricity is a recent addition. Most cell phone services are available from the cottages or somewhere nearby.